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Tea & Health

Which teas can I drink while pregnant?
As we are not medical professionals we try to steer clear of giving any advice in regards to this. There are so many contradictions on what to have or avoid during pregnancy. Because of this we don't like to recommend teas or promise they are safe...
Does tea contain sulphites?
Black tea contains low natural levels of sulfites and fruit teas perhaps more. For our teas generally, our supplier's specification sheets state that 'Sulpher dioxin and sulfates are at concentrations less than 10mg/kg expressed as SO2'.
Which teas are good for weight loss?
As we are not medical professionals we try to steer clear of giving any advice in regards to this. There is a lot of hearsay and contradicting information around this topic and teas. We really recommend you do your own research on this and consult...
What flavours are used in your teas?
t leaf T only uses natural or flavours formerly known as nature identical. In fact around 53% of our teas and infusions contain no added flavours other than the natural ingredient they contain. Any of our teas containing natural flavour have the flavour...
Teas & Pesticides
Our teas that are Certified Organic means that all growers and organisations in the supply chain are certified organic and will have no pesticides used at any stage of the process. From tea garden to cup.  But, for all of our non-organic teas (such...
Do any of your teas contain allergens?
Yes, a small selection contain dairy products and/or nuts. Any teas that contain allergens have this clearly noted in the ingredients list.
How much caffeine is in a cup of tea?
Caffeine occurs naturally in the leaves, seeds or fruit of over 100 plant species, including the Camellia Sinensis from which tea is derived. Other common sources include coffee, cocoa beans & cola nuts. It’s also added to many energy drinks &...
Tea Grading - What does OP and ftgfop mean?
Tea leaf grading is the process of evaluating products based on the quality and condition of the tea leaves themselves. There are many acronyms that indicate the style and grade of the tea. Select VIEW MORE to see the full list.
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