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What flavours are used in your teas?

t leaf T only uses natural or flavours formerly known as nature identical.

In fact around 53% of our teas and infusions contain no added flavours other than the natural ingredient they contain.

Any of our teas containing natural flavour have the flavour listed as 'natural flavour' in the ingredients list; if it just states 'flavour' it is referring to the formerly known Nature Identical flavour.

Natural flavours:

The term natural flavour or flavouring refers to the essential oil, essence or extract, or any product of roasting or heating etc, which contains the flavouring constituents derived from a spice, fruit, vegetable, root, herb or similar whose significant function in food is flavouring rather than nutritional.

Flavours (formerly Nature-identical flavours):

These are composed identically as a substance that appears in nature, mainly of herbal origin. For example, a strawberry flavour is completely identical to the flavour found in a strawberry. The molecular structure is the same.

The advantages of this type of flavouring are: Greater stability Greater intensity The quality is more constant Better durability of the finished product No contamination with pesticides or other environmental contaminants

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