Green Tea

Plucked from the Camellia Sinensis, green tea leaves are withered, steamed or roasted, rolled & heat fired without fermentation, keeping them close to their natural form. They are low in caffeine & high in free-radical-fighting flavonoid antioxidants, as well as fluoride, potassium & vitamins A, C & E.


Best brewed with slightly cooled water (80°C), green teas produce infusions with light, bright liquors characterised by crisp, very slightly astringent favours that don’t require milk or sweetener.


It is important to follow the instructions provided for individual green teas to avoid compromising their delicate flavours. Some can take multiple brewing without their taste or health properties being compromised. Others need the leaves removed once the optimal brewing time is met (1-3 minutes).


Highly regarded green tea varieties from Japan include powdered Matcha, Hon Gyokuro and Genmaicha Japan and Sencha.


From China come the pallet-like Gunpowder, pearl teas, Lung Ching, Sencha and a multitude of others.

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