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ImageWhat’s most important is that you get what you want from your tea drinking experience. Individual tastes vary as much as teas themselves, so let your taste buds be your guide. However, ‘bad teas’ often result from simple mistakes relating to tea quality, storage & preparation. The following t leaf T brewing tips should optimise the enjoyment you get from drinking new & different teas.

Tip 1. Only use fresh tea

Start with a good quality, fresh tea.
Properly stored loose tea can stay fresh for years, while bagged tea generally needs using within six months. Keep tea away from moisture, light & heat. Choose a cool dry place, & use air tight containers. Only use clear containers if kept in a dark place. Don’t refrigerate or freeze them.

Tip 2. Fresh water does make a difference

Fill your jug with fresh tap or bottled water each time you brew. Filtered water is best & avoid distilled water.
Maximising water’s oxygen content improves the release of health promoting compounds & full flavours. Water heated more than once becomes ‘flat’ (depleted of oxygen), making it less than ideal for brewing a good tea.

Tip 3. Avoid over brewing

Bitter tea results from infusing too long or using water that’s too hot for the tea variety. Ensure consistently good results by following each tea’s brewing instructions, using a timer & (for certain teas), a thermometer. For most teas, it’s important to remove the leaves when the optimal infusion time is reached.
If you like strong tasting tea, choose naturally strong varieties or add more leaves rather than infusing longer than recommended.

Tip 4. Thermometers & timers improve consistency & accuracy

Optimal water temperatures & infusion times vary between tea types. Getting one or the other wrong is commonly the reason that people think a tea is ‘no good’.
Most black teas are best infused for 3-5 minutes with water at boiling point, while green teas are generally best brewed for less time, with water at 75-85°C (160-180°F). Oolongs can vary widely, so it’s advisable to follow individual brewing suggestions.

Tip 5. Infuser baskets are better

Improve the release of flavours & health promoting compounds by using a filter that’s big enough for the type & quantity of tea being infused. Tea balls, clamping spoons & pack-your-own filter bags are convenient but if too small can prevent teas from expanding & infusing fully. t leaf T has a wide variety to choose from.

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